We restore old photos.........We also create images from slides or negatives

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Photo Restoration

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Samples of restorations are not posted yet. Restoration samples from current jobs will be posted.


Pricing will be based on the condition of your original print.

All prices below do not include the cost of the final print(s) or CD.

There are three categories of restoration:

1. LIGHT RESTORATION-Slight tears in the print, dust spots,

and small stains fall into this category as long as these defectsare not

in critical areas of the photo, i.e. eyes, facial features, or anything hard

to reconstruct because it has much detail.

Price $15.00

2. MODERATE RESTORATION-Small missing pieces of the photo,

heavy stains orlarge long tears, some defects of detail

or facial features fall into this category.

Price $30.00

3. HEAVY RESTORATION-Removing or adding people or objectsfrom or

to the photo (if possible), heavy rips or tearsand reconstructingmissing parts

of the photo are a part of this category. Pricing in thiscategory will be by quotation

when we see exactly how much work needs to be done.

Price start at $45.00

*Photos needing restoration beyond the above descriptions

are quoted on a per job basis.

Black and White to Color

Repair Tears

Class or Family Reunions

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