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About Pressly Photographic

Born in USA,
40+ Years of Excellence,
Studied at Youngstown State University.

Pressly Photographic specializes in photography for business and business people. We aspire to the creative end and are well versed on all aspects of photographic technology.

One of our proudest moments occurred when a client called not only to tell us that they had tripled their business because of our latest photo shoot – which was published in a national magazine dedicated to their industry – but because people were calling to comment on the creativity of our photos. It was not the first time those who view our images have asked our clients for copies of our photographic work for their own personal enjoyment.

Part of becoming a photographer was the ability to see and do things, as well as go places I would not have had access to otherwise. I take pride in admitting photography is part of who I am, and I have never once considered it to be work or a job. It has always been an enjoyment – contributing to me waking up happy each and every day.

Whatever your photographic needs, we are up to the challenge, and we’re also a lot of fun to work with.

-Dan Pressly, Owner

Why Choose Us?

The world without photography will be meaningless to us if there is no light and color, which opens up our minds.

light composure
Professional skills
Perfect Equipment
hd Imagery
unique vision
focusing knowledges

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