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**Please allow 24 to 48 hours after the event for the photos to be posted.
**Be sure to fill in your mailing address and click “Ship My Order” if you are choosing to have your photos mailed to you.

  1. Click on your event’s title or logo above to go directly to you event’s ordering site. You will be prompted for a password if the site is password protected. Most events don’t need a password.
  2. You can order as many photos as you’d like:
    1. Find each of the photos you’d like to order and click on them one-by-one to bring up the ordering selection screen.
    2. Choose the quantities and size(s) you’d like, and make any edits.
    3. When you’ve completed #2 above, click the done button in the top-right corner of the black area behind your picture. This will queue the image for your checkout cart.
    4. Ensure your image(s) are added to the queue by confirming if the size(s) and quantities appear at the bottom of the image(s) you’ve selected. These details will be displayed on the area of the website where all the images are visible.
    5. Click the “Next: Review & Order” button located at the top-right of the site to review your images.
    6. Click the “Add to Cart” button, then the “Proceed to Checkout” button, and you’ll be guided through the rest of the ordering process.

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